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Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want a fuller, more voluptuous pout? Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with fleshy, pillowy lips like the Kardashians. But you can always fake a fuller pout with the help of some makeup (yay!). Having said that, many of us tend to go overboard and end up overlining our lips, making them look unnatural. But not anymore! Because we’re going to teach you how to overline your lips perfectly to fake a plump pout…

  • Step 01: The shade matters
  • Step 02: Highlight your cupid’s bow
  • Step 03: Shade the edges
  • Step 04: Blend the edges
  • Step 05: Fill it in

Step 01: The shade matters

If you are an absolute beginner, it is best to stick to a nude lip pencil to keep things looking natural and minimise the chances of mistakes. Pick a shade that is closest to your natural lip colour for a more natural look.

Step 02: Highlight your cupid’s bow

If you have a cupid’s bow that is not very defined ( a common problem for people with thin lips), then applying a tiny bit of highlighter will make a world of difference and will make lining your lips a lot easier. Additionally, it is a great hack to fake voluminous lips in an instant.

Step 03: Shade the edges

Start by shading the edges of your lips instead of drawing a really sharp line. This will provide a soft contour to your lips and will look a lot more natural. As for the cupid’s bow, round and connect the edges to give it more definition. When you get to the lower lip, only draw a line below the middle for a super plump yet natural-looking contour.

Please note: Never make the mistake of going too far outside your natural lip line. It is always better to start small and keep adding more definition until you are satisfied with the result rather than correcting overlined lips.

Step 04: Blend the edges

Using either a flat lip brush or simply your fingers, pat the product towards the inside of your lip. This will help to soften the lines and give you a very natural finish.

Step 05: Fill it in

Take any lipstick colour of your choice and apply it just to the centre of both your upper and lower lip and blend it towards the outer corners using either a brush or your fingers. This will ensure that your lips look a lot fuller and natural.