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Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want a fuller, more voluptuous pout? Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with fleshy, pillowy lips like the Kardashians. But you can always fake a fuller pout with the help of some makeup (yay!). Having said…

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Why Everyone Is Dyeing Their Hair Pink

Approximately one million years ago, I went into a Brooklyn hair salon intending to get my usual warm blonde highlights and left with a full head of pastel pink hair. When my then-boyfriend saw me, he said, "Now that you've dyed your hair…

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Best Lipstick Tips and Tricks

This year, we decided to devote four issues to celebrating, investigating, and having a lot of fun with a single feature — and for September 2018, we went with lips. It is our humble hope that these four guides (this one, plus hair,…

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